The cities of Cupertino, CA and Toyokawa, Japan are celebrating out sister-city relationship for 45 years in 2023. The Cupertino-Toyokawa Sister Cities (CTSC) is seeking artists to commission a special gift to be sent to Toyokawa. The project is called the Rabbit Project, named after the Year of the Rabbit (Lunar Year) in 2023. 

Artists of all ages and talents are invited to submit ideas and design sketches.  The stipend is up to $200.  One selected artist will be paid a commission fee of $470, plus name recognition through out our print and online presences. The finished rabbit statue will also be displayed for public viewing at the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival on April 29th and 30th, 2023 at the Memorial Park, Cupertino.

Submission Form

Submit your application with this Google Form --> Online Application Form 

Or Download a PDF and email it to --> Download and Print Application Form

Please send design proposals to:

Submission period: now through February 12th 

Rabbit must be completed by April 24th, for a planned display at the Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival (April 29-30)

Possible opportunity for additional public display before it is sent to Japan.

Date to send to Toyokawa, Japan: TBD

The rabbit that CTSC has purchased is the standing 3-foot tall rabbit. It may not be exactly as pictured but is generally accurate.

The rabbit form will arrive at the end of January.

Artists work in their own studio and purchase their own supplies (the estimated supply stipend is $200)

Artist commission: $470 

Some elements we would like to recommend for the CTSC design:

    1) Cupertino-Toyokawa Sister Cities Inc. logo (this can be printed and added as an applique and would not 

       need to be painted)

    2) Cherry Blossoms

    3) Something to inform that it is our 45th anniversary as sister cities

    4) Other recommended symbolism might be items related to our programming: student and adult exchange 

        programs/friendship, Festivals, bell-ringing/origami cranes.

Artists may get some inspiration by visiting:



- Facebook page for Cupertino-Toyokawa Sister Cities

-  VTA bench at the corner of Mary and Stevens Creek

Submission should include:

- Artist name, contact info, short bio 

- How you heard about this contest and why you are participating

- Description of your design idea. Can be sketches, or essay descriptions of ideas for your design

- Portfolio of previous work is greatly appreciated, if available

- Expected timeline, description of studio space to be used 

- Any other comments such as additional funding/materials needed 

- Statement of whether, if not selected, the artist would allow us to submit their design and contact info to Cupertino Rotary for the opportunity to enter in the Rotary contest

A similar project is being undertaken by the Cupertino Rotary Club.  More info can be found on this web page: