Student Delegations

The Program

Each year, the delegation members and chaperones are introduced formally at the Cherry Blossom Festival and meet the attending VIPs from the City of Cupertino and the Cupertino Union School District before traveling to Toyokawa in June.

Cupertino Toyokawa Student Delegation Info Flyer v2.3.2 2019.pdf

Information Flyer

Our 2020 student delegation would have been in Toyokawa at the end of June, but the trip was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They sent the following "Hello Toyokawa" video greeting to Toyokawa to say hello.  

In his reply, Mr. Tanaka, who was the 2019 Toyokawa Delegation's lead chaperone said, 

"Thank you very much for the video message...... Next year we wish we could have peace in our lives again ... We look forward to seeing you...."

Hello Toyokawa 2020.mp4

Photo collage by Mr. Tanaka, 2019's Lead Chaperone.

The program was halted by the pandemic and finally resumed in 2024.

Congratulations to the 2024 delegates. Have a great visit in Toyokawa (in June, 2024)!

2024 Student Delegates

2018 Student Delegation. April 28, 2018, Memorial Park, Cupertino

2017 Student Delegation. April 29, 2017, Memorial Park, Cupertino

2018 Delegation

2016 Delegation

Delegation News

Mr. Tanaka's Update

Photo of Mr. Tanaka, who was the 2019 Student Delegation's Lead Chaperone, and Moeka, the student leader of the 2019 delegation. They are on the opposing handball teams that had to play against each other.  However, they now have the opportunity to see each other again even though the delegation period has ended.

Kento Tanabe, holding a quilt which is a gift from Cupertino-Toyokawa Sister Cities members.

Congratulations to Kento Tanabe, our international student from Toyokawa graduated from De Anza college in June 2020!

He is the first Toyokawa exchange student to study college in Cupertino, and also the first person to be a member of both of the sister city committees in Toyokawa and Cupertino!

We are excited to present you with a very special T-shirt quilt gift, and we are so proud for you to receive a Proclamation from our City, "for being an example of the positive impact our Sister City programs can have on people, and how an individual can benefit our program while serving as an inspiration to others"

We will miss you as you return to Japan, Kento!

Congratulations to Sarang Deshpande, our 2016 student delegation member, who has won the 2018 CREST Rising Star Award. 

Read More on Sarang's Story

Update - Sarang graduated from Monta Vista High School and plans to attend UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2020.

Brother Kyle and sister Sydnie are student delegation members of 2016 and 2017, respectively.



On September 24, 2015, the 2015 Toyokawa delegation of 16 students and 3 chaperones arrived at Cupertino City Hall. This is a video of 2015 Toyokawa delegation welcome at Cupertino City Hall when they arrived.


September 25, 2015, Toyokawa delegation performs Soran Bushi in Cupertino, CA (Memorial Park)

32 Years Later Daughter has her Cupertino Sister City Visit

Minami experiences what her Mother Sumiko saw 32 years ago
Minami’s Mother Sumiko with 1982 Toyokawa delegation
What a great story from Minami and Sumiko!

Toyokawa delegation at Golfland

Toyokawa delegation at Pizza My Heart

Toyokawa delegation at Yogurtland

Toyokawa delegation at Color Me Mind